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I was not sure I was going to pull the trigger on this bottling because of the high tariff ($150).  I had read that it was distilled in Indian and put into casks in Kentucky for 7 years.  Then they were finished off in more special casks for 3 months.  These special casks were used casks from the production of Curacao (an orange liquor).  This had me intrigued.  Orange and rye has always been a nice combination. So despite the very high price for a 3 month finish, I bit the bullet and made the purchase just before the store closed Christmas eve.

This offering was 103.4 proof, a little less than their normal Rye. My first reaction was too much orange.  I did not think it was well integrated with the Rye. I had one of those “why did I buy this moments.”  This was just too unbalanced.  My next thought was what cocktail can I make with this?  Of course that is a lot of money for a cocktail rye.  Ouch.


High West A Midwinter Nights Dram 11/19/14

All I could think when I first sipped this High West offering was yum.  This Rye based whiskey is very different from all the others. This is not a traditional whiskey having spent time in port barrels. It screams out dessert.  It reminded me of a liquid bread pudding with cherries, cinnamon and all spice.  Lots and lots of cherries. Some may find it not too their liking or too sweet.  I liked it’s uniqueness and pictured sipping this after a large holiday dinner. If you are fortunate enough to track this down, enjoy!